The Smiths Were One Of The Most Important Bands Ever

The Smiths Were One Of The Most Important Bands Ever

As many experts claim, The Smiths are still one of the most influential bands of the 1980s. Their last concert took place almost 35 years ago, but their influence on the pop scene is still strong until today. That is not only due to the two defining band members. The vocalist Morrissey is still one of the most concise personalities of British pop culture, the guitar virtuoso Johnny Marr recently convinced alongside Billie Eilish. Together they recorded the title song No Time To Die that became a soundtrack for the new movie of James Bond. The Smiths shaped the indie scene of the 1980s like no other band and they were the model for the subsequent Brit Pop Revolution of the 1990s that was led by the Blur and Oasis.

John Peel Discovered and Promoted Them

Like many other bands of that time, The Smiths rose up with the legendary DJ of English radio John Peel. He invited them to play at one of his legendary shows called “Peel Sessions”. At that time, Peel was the main authority to ensure the good quality of music. Well, he wasn’t wrong at that time after inviting the unknown band called The Smiths because a little later the band got their place at the chart show Top Of The Pops. That was a sensation due to their post-punk sound. The band wrapped their subversive messages in trendy guitar sounds that brought back a lot of nostalgia.

Morrissey vs Marr

The two different personalities of the vocalist and guitarist shaped The Smiths. This imbalance between the down-to-earth Johnny Marr and the diva Morrissey should ultimately lead the band to the breakup. Yet in those days The Smiths seemed musically invincible. They achieved a musical consistency of ability and extraordinariness that was forgotten since the days of the Beatles. They quickly gained a loyal audience that grew very fast with every new record. Commercially, the band could never keep up with the biggest stars of their time. That also happened because they separated at the time of their peak.

The End

When The Smiths amazed the USA with their last album, they declared about the end of this band. One of the reasons for the ongoing problems within the band was the constant difficulties with changing managers. Johnny Marr had to take care of the band’s business himself, and over the time he was overwhelmed by it. He must have been the only prominent band member of a successful band that has managed and promoted his band in the course of history. After just five years and four albums, The Smiths became just one more successful project of the music history. The end came quickly and painfully. Morrissey and Marr have not been speaking for many years until they accidentally met at one event. Anyway, the band was successful and had many fans who are listening to their old song even today because good music never dies!