The Best Classic Rock Bands That Are Still Together

The Best Classic Rock Bands That Are Still Together

Rock and roll has been around for more than six decades, and in that time a lot of bands have already come and gone. However, there are some bands that were able to manage to stay together and stand the test of time. These are the iconic groups that continue reliving their glory days today and proving that they still have it.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys became immensely popular with their elaborate songs and distinct harmonies. Now, over 50 years later, the surf music pioneers have continued to thrill their followers with their performances.

The Eagles

Tequila Sunrise, Take It Easy and Hotel California – these are just three of the massive hits the West Coast rockers The Eagles have produced. While popular trends come and go, the evergreen music of this legendary 1970s rock band is immortal. And yes, they’re still touring and going strong now.

The Rolling Stones

These British bad boys of rock and roll have managed to keep their swag up on stage for a span of decades. The band, which got together in 1962, has had very few changes in their lineup. The influential group simply keeps on rocking and seems to have no plans to retire.

The Who

The Who has built up their own empire of followers and their legacy is kept alive by the band’s surviving members, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. They continue to tour and keep rocking together.

The Village People

The band that gave us the iconic banquet-room hit Y.M.C.A. has kept on delivering since 1977. And, despite some line-up changes and the passing of some of their founding members, they are still on the road.


Known for their eccentric makeup, over the top costumes, and spectacular shows, KISS is one of the most successful rock bands of all time. It seems like Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have no plans of stopping as they both continue to tour and delight their fans.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses played a vital role in the revival of mainstream rock in the late 1980s. Despite previous splits and line-up changes, the band is still living the dream with their ongoing reunion tours. Reports have it the group is working on new music, so it sounds like new GNR tracks are on the way.


Just like any other band, Loverboy has had their share of setbacks. But the iconic band, which holds an all-time record with nine of Canada’s Juno Awards, have managed to stay together till this day.

Golden Earring

Known for their classic hits “Radar Love” in 1973 and “Twilight Zone” in 1982, Golden Earrings has remained active more than 50 years later. The Dutch band is still together and is still performing nonstop.



Led by energetic front man Steven Tyler, the hard rocking Aerosmith continue to enjoy huge success. They’ve just recently confirmed their Las Vegas residency to mark their almost 50 years together.