Manchester Bands That Changed Music

Manchester Bands That Changed Music

Manchester and the surrounding area have produced some of the biggest names in music. These artists and bands are famous not only in Britain, but worldwide. Something about the city has inspired a great tradition of music and artistry. If you want to find out more, keep reading to find out which Manchester bands have had the most impact on the music world.

The pioneers

The 1960s saw Manchester born rock band Herman’s Hermits gain massive success in America. However, Britain took a bit longer to warm up to their music. By the 1970s, they were performing to sold-out British venues and Manchester was on the map musically. In addition to their music legacy, they are also known for a number of lineup changes.

The Buzzcocks were formed in 1976 and are seen as legends of punk music in the city. They inspired many others after to produce independent music, and in fact their debut album Spiral Scratch was self-released on their own label. Their inspiration and legacy go far beyond just punk rock, stretching into power pop, indie rock, and pop punk. Despite being alternative, they had massive popular success.

Not too long after, in 1982, The Smiths got together. The members of this group would become pioneers of alternative rock music. One of their members, Morrissey, is also known in his own right as a solo artist. Their music defied categories, with their four classic albums forming an eclectic mix of sounds that still stand the test of time.

Manchester becomes Madchester

Manchester came into its own sound in the 1990s when the new artists who were becoming popular created a new scene the press called “Madchester”. The music was a mix of electronic and alternative and psychedelic rock. The Stone Roses were one of the major bands in the Madchester wave. They debuted with a mix of psychedelia and independent rock sound.

During the decade, electronic music duo Chemical Brothers were also ranked as the top greatest Manchester bands of all time. Funnily enough, the two members of the band were born in the South of England and moved to Manchester later in life for school.

Their debut album in 1995 is seen as one of the premier “big beat” albums of all time, responsible for bringing the sound into mainstream music. They were heavily influenced by The Smiths. In what can be seen as a passing of the torch, The Stone Roses asked them to do a remix for their album.

Coming from the Manchester suburb Burnage, the two brothers that make up Oasis are iconic music figures. They first started as members of the band The Rain, and since then have split more than once, always remaining true to the spirit of rock and roll with headline-grabbing antics offstage.

Today, visitors can still take in Manchester’s musical legacy with more modern bands. The city’s Manchester Arena is the world’s second busiest venue. It hosts the most live shows and concerts in Britain.