How the Beatles Changed Rock Music

How the Beatles Changed Rock Music

Considered one the most creative bands to ever hit popular music and the most beloved band of all time, the Beatles has influenced generations. The British group has redefined the way music is made and has set trends in the rock music genre. Decades after they got together, they continue to have a profound impact in the music scene. The Beatles’ legacy still lives on and their music still shines. And, it’s no wonder. Throughout their history, the band has continuously increased their creative ante. They exhibited nonstop inventiveness and were never afraid to go beyond the boundaries of rock music. Read on to find out how The Beatles redefined rock music and through that, the world.

Before the Beatles, in 1964 the biggest acts were mostly solo artists and there were virtually no rock bands that made it onto the top of the charts. The last time that rock music topped the charts was in 1959, when only instrumentals dominated the scene. When the group showcased their lineup of two lead vocalists, two guitars, bass, and drums, it marked the beginning of the glory days of guitar-based rock and roll.

Raising the bar for albums

Prior to the arrival of the Beatles, all resources were focused on the production of a hit song. Album releases often came with lesser quality fillers to boost sales of that hit. But the Beatles make it a point to create consistent albums, making every song worthwhile. This means they produced singles that were almost always a hit. This in turn prompted other bands to follow the trail they blazed, raising the bar of music produced during that era immensely.

Experimenting with music

The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which is considered one of the most influential rock albums ever recorded, highlights the band’s unconventional and innovative mindset when it comes to making music. They were the first to introduce psychedelic rock to the mainstream music scene. The band’s 1967 hit “Strawberry Fields Forever” set the hypnotic tune and pattern for psychedelic rock, which later became inspirational and influential to other groups. Their daring musical experimentation has immensely contributed to the rock music’s evolution and has inspired a lot of artists even up till today.

The Beatles invasion

The Beatlemania phenomenon was a pivotal moment that opened the doors for the British invasion in the United States music industry. When the Beatles arrived in the US on February 7, 1964, it marked the transformation of American music forever. Many other rock bands were able to follow in their footsteps like Gerry & the Pacemakers, the Kinks, and the Rolling Stones. There’s no underestimating The Beatles’ massive influence in the music industry. They have blazed a trail in rock music for others to follow, lasting well beyond their group’s demise in 1970. The band has become a cultural force, and their brilliant compositions and ingenious music have altered the way rock music is experienced by rock fans throughout the world.

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