Bands of Liverpool

Bands of Liverpool

Liverpool has many names, but it’s known best for its Guinness book of records’ musical title, the “City of Pop”. The city is the only place in the world which has produced 56 number one hits in the UK. The tradition of music is embedded in the culture and very air of Liverpool. It has gifted the UK and the world with a number of bands ever since the Beatles first came onto the scene. If you want to know more about its musical history, keep reading. This article will highlight some of the major Liverpool bands that you should know.

The Beatles are the most famous of all the Liverpudlian bands. They made sure that every artist that came afterward had a lot to live up to. Three years later, Beatlemania was born. The band’s founding members came together in 1960 and their legacy continues to this day.

In the 1980s, The La’s carried the torch for Liverpool music. Their hit single “There She Goes” is their best-known work. They produced just one studio album, but their work influenced many bands that came after. The vocalist and guitarist Lee Mavers was the icon of the group who wrote their hit single. He survived lineup changes that lasted right into the 2000s.

Gaining the dubious honor of having their hit song “Relax” banned by radio, Frankie Goes to Hollywood was another one of the 1980s’ biggest bands. “Relax” went on to become hugely successful, topping the charts for an unusually long length of time. The band broke records when their first three singles reached number one on the UK charts. When A Flock of Seagulls hit the scene in the 1980s, not too many people knew what to make of them. Their flamboyant style was unusual and were mocked by some. However, afterwards their music and look have been called pioneering for the time. The music they produced was multi-layered synth pop and new wave. They gained recognition for their work when they were awarded a Grammy in 1983.

Pop dominated the early 2000s, and Atomic Kitten was the essence of everything the people wanted from music then. The group was put together by a musician who wanted a vehicle for the songs he wrote. The same songwriter dismissed the group as “manufactured pop” when he left. However, their commercial and chart success was unquestionable up until the eventual split in 2004.

The new wave

The new wave - indie rock
The new wave – indie rock

Liverpool is still a musical force to be reckoned with even today. Notable new bands include The Jackobins. This indie rock band gained recognition by playing a number of festivals all around the UK. Another young band that still packs a punch is The Cheap Thrills. The band’s sound blends guitar rock and garage pop. Their unpredictable live shows and radio-friendly tunes mean they’ll probably be around for a while. Liverpool’s legacy is alive and well in the hands of bands like these.